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Financial Wellness

It’s time.

Workers report that the #1 source of stress is personal finances

This carries over into the workplace and can cause distraction at work, increased absenteeism, increased turnover, and delayed retirement. It can also exact a heavy toll on associates and their employers.

It’s time to start thinking differently

Financial Wellness is not a new idea. But statistics show that financial stress among employees is growing.² There is a connection between being financially confident and being financially well. Financial confidence helps individuals take control of their financial situation, which can allow them a better opportunity to fulfill the goals that matter the most to them.

Introducing our Financial Wellness Approach

To meet the Financial Wellness challenges that so many face, CREATIVE introduces a flexible and straightforward approach to help build financial confidence. Our approach includes resources, guidance, and insights to empower individuals, and provides support for their path to financial wellness.

Learn more about our CREATIVE Financial Wellness Approach:

Calculators & Tools

Use our calculators and tools to understand your financial needs. Then, chat with one of our financial professionals to help you reach your goals.


Life Insurance Calculator
If you’re wondering, “How much life insurance do I need?” then our life insurance calculator can provide you with some quick answers. After you calculate your life insurance estimate, consider contacting a financial professional to discuss your individual situation.

Disability Insurance Calculator
If you were too sick or injured to work, do you have enough income to cover your living expenses? Use the disability insurance calculator to find out.

Income Protection Quiz
Test your knowledge of a disability’s effect on finances.

Modal Charge Disclosure and APR Calculator
Use this calculator to determine the total dollar amount and the annual percentage rate (APR) for any additional charge you may incur if you pay your annual premium in installments.


Retirement Planning Calculator
Whether you’re starting a career or getting closer to your last day of work, our retirement planning calculator helps you figure out how much to save for retirement.

Retirement Contribution Calculator
Are you contributing too little – or maybe even too much – for retirement? The retirement contribution calculator can help you determine what’s right for you.

Required Minimum Distribution Calculator
Use the minimum distribution calculator to determine how much you must withdraw from your retirement account each year.

Roth vs. Traditional Calculator
The Roth vs. traditional calculator can help you decide which account type may better prepare you for retirement.

Social Security Quiz
Test your knowledge of Social Security retirement benefits.

Personal Finance

Expense Calculator
Use our expense calculator to see where your money is going. Easy-to-read graphs provide a snapshot of your spending to help you make the most with your money.


College Savings Calculator
Saving for college doesn’t have to feel like homework. Use our college savings calculator to help you estimate how much to save for college tuition.


Investor Profile Quiz
Your investment strategy should reflect the kind of investor you are. This quiz is designed to suggest an investment strategy that may be right for your retirement savings based on your personal risk tolerance and financial situation.

Start Thinking Differently

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Jacklyn Naselli​



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