Personal Financial View®

Focus on What Matters Most

As a successful professional, your time is valuable. Navigating an ever-changing economy, business pressures, and time restrictions is challenging. CREATIVE Financial Group helps you focus on what matters most to you.

Our technology solution, Personal Financial View® (PFV), integrates, organizes, and updates your financial information. It offers you peace of mind, knowing that your financial information is secure and that the fulfillment of your goals is being monitored along the way.


Simplifying Life’s Complexities and Creating a Legacy for the Living

If you had to gather key information at a moment’s notice, could you? Everyone leaves a legacy. What will yours be?

Centralized Organization and Peace of Mind

Will you leave behind a well-crafted estate plan, or chaos? Estate planning involves more than just wealth transfer strategies. PFV provides you with centralized organization and quick access to important documents and financial information. Life is complicated enough; give your family the peace of mind that comes from being prepared and organized.

One-Click Simplicity and Streamlined Access

Have accounts with several financial firms? PFV gives you the ability to see all of your daily updated accounts at a glance and in one view. By planning ahead and consolidating your accounts within PFV, your family will be able to find accounts if they have to adjust to life without you. Plan today; safeguard tomorrow.

Starting the Conversation and Extending Your Legacy

Knowing where you stand allows you to have open estate planning conversations with your family. By simplifying and organizing key information within PFV, not only can you preserve your legacy, you can extend it from one generation to the next.

Your Time Is Valuable

Nothing worth doing is easy. Customizing your PFV website will require significant time and effort. To help, we’ll assign a dedicated Client Experience Consultant who will guide you every step of the way. What we’ll do for you:

  • Collect and scan important documents to your online vault
  • Initial set-up/maintenance of account connections
  • Remind you of key dates: renewals, expirations, policy anniversaries
  • Be your single point-of-contact for all PFV inquiries

Build it. Protect it. Create a Legacy.