Legacy Series Roundtables

Legacy Series Roundtables

Complimentary Roundtable Events

The Legacy Series provides business leaders, entrepreneurs, and families with answers to the questions they face during critical stages of growth and change in their businesses and lives. Interactive roundtables present actionable solutions from world class business leaders and your peers.

For business leaders, entrepreneurs and families, the Legacy Series also provides an opportunity to take the time to:

  • Think: Step away from your day to day responsibilities and think about the challenges before you.
  • Connect: Talk to your peers to share what you know and to learn from their experiences. The networking that takes place at these roundtables is worth the investment of time all by itself.
  • Learn: The carefully chosen speakers provide information and insights based on real world experience that is relevant to virtually every business owner and professional.

Our roundtables provide practical insights into:

  • Building An Entrepreneurial Mindset
  • Planning Your Succession
  • Aligning Your Values and Culture
  • Defining Your Growth Strategies
  • Empowering Your Team
  • Creating Accountability Through Governance

You can learn more about the Legacy Series by viewing past roundtables and watching video highlights of these interactive events here.

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