Investment Services

At CREATIVE, your team of investment professionals puts your goals first.


You have unique financial goals. We clarify them with you before your investment strategy is designed. Most importantly, your investment strategy is seamlessly integrated with your overall plan.

Strategy Diversification

You know the importance of diversifying holdings. We take that a step further by diversifying investment strategies. Our professionals have access to several investment styles, including fundamental (macroeconomic) and technical approaches. Whether used individually or combined, each client’s strategies are focused on their goals. A wide array of investment options is available, providing one-stop solutions for Preservation, Growth, and Alternative Strategies.


Clients have entrusted us with helping them manage their assets. As a mid-sized firm, we have the experience to deliver institutional-quality solutions, yet are small enough to be responsive to change. Our senior management has over a century of combined experience in the industry, which allows us to deliver sophisticated investment solutions focused on meeting each client’s needs.

Open Architecture

All investment strategies seek to provide an appropriate balance between risk and reward. Our open architecture allows clients to invest in a variety of investment strategies and products that are geared specifically toward each client’s goals.

Tax and Cost Efficiency

Reducing taxes and investment costs are important goals of all investors. When possible, we utilize strategies and techniques that can help reduce clients’ taxes and costs. Techniques, such as low turnover and asset location, can reduce current taxation. We also take particular care to provide sophisticated strategies at competitive fees.

Holistic Approach

Our professionals employ a total balance sheet approach that integrates with your overall financial, tax, and estate planning goals.